High accuracy RDO optical meters

Published: 18-Dec-2014

New low maintenance Oakton DO 450 and pH/DO 450 meters introduced by Cole-Parmer

The new Oakton Waterproof DO 450 and pH/DO 450 Meters from Cole-Parmer have the convenience of no membrane replacement, no electrolyte replacement, no incoming flow requirement and no hydrogen sulfide interference. The meters also offer a short response time, along with minimal drift and maintenance.

Users gain more accurate readings on these DO meters with automatic and manual temperature compensation, which adjusts for fluctuating temperatures. They can see more data at a glance by viewing measurements with temperature and calibration data on a large, backlit display. Up to 500 data sets can be stored and easily downloaded with USB or RS-232 cable.

The Oakton DO 450 meter features manual barometric pressure and salinity corrections. The probe requires minimal maintenance, beyond an annual sensor cap replacement. The Oakton pH/DO 450 meter can be calibrated between two and six-point calibration — either USA, NIST, DIN, or custom buffers. Convenient auto buffer recognition automatically identifies the correct pH meter buffer for rapid calibration.

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