Hovione and Dragonfly Technologies offer sustainable micellar chemistry as an alternative to conventional processes

Published: 8-Mar-2024

The agreement provides Hovione with the capability to develop chemistry-in-water, enabling a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared with conventional chemical processes relying on traditional organic solvents

Hovione has signed an agreement with Dragonfly Technologies to gain access to its micellar technology for chemistry-in-water processes, developed by Prof. Bruce Lipshutz of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Hovione will further progress the technology to make it an integral part of its API manufacturing technology offering. 

Micellar chemistry enables multiple chemical transformations to take place in nanomicelles dispersed in water, mimicking natural chemical transformations.

The technology allows reactions to occur at lower temperatures and enables the reduction or even the avoidance of rare and expensive metal catalysts. At the same time, by minimising the use of organic solvents, it can also reduce the carbon footprint of the desired chemical reactions. 

Dr Jean-Luc Herbeaux, Hovione’s CEO, commented: "Manufacturing of APIs and their intermediates make up a significant proportion of the overall carbon footprint of pharmaceutical product manufacturing."

"Gaining access to Dragonfly’s groundbreaking micellar technology is a key step in our journey to introduce more sustainable manufacturing options at an industrial scale."

"This proprietary process technology enables the use of less energy-intensive conditions, lower levels of precious metal-containing catalysts, and lesser use of organic solvents.”

Prof. Bruce Lipshutz said: “I am delighted about the collaboration between Hovione and Dragonfly on micellar catalysis chemistry in water. Hovione has a long history of developing and industrialising innovative technologies for the pharma industry."

"This agreement will help ensure that aqueous micellar technologies will have wider and faster market adoption, benefiting the industry as a whole, by enabling the development of nature-based sustainable processes in water.”

This collaboration is another example of Hovione´s commitment to expanding its technology platforms and contributing towards creating a more sustainable industry.

The company is investing both in new assets and innovative technologies to meet customer demand for more sustainable integrated and differentiated development and manufacturing services for drug substances, particle engineering and drug products.

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