HVLD SOLO offers high voltage leak detection as a standalone solution

Published: 15-Apr-2015

Offers efficient 360° inspection in a single machine

German inspection system specialist Seidenader, a company within the Körber Group, is using high voltage to detect leaks in pharmaceutical containers in the newly designed HVLD SOLO standalone system.

HVLD (high voltage leak detection) makes use of the electrical conductivity of liquids. Automatically positioned between electrodes, the object to be inspected briefly becomes part of a high voltage circuit in which it provides electrical resistance. Resistance-reducing leaks are measured by the system. By this method even the finest cracks and pinholes can be detected in the sidewall, bottom and closure zone of pharmaceutical containers, the company says.

The HVLD SOLO allows full inspection of ampoules, cartridges and vials with a diameter of up to 52ml and a height of up to 130ml. The precise handling system guarantees a consistently short distance to the electrodes, thus creating the prerequisite for accurate and reproducible inspection of up to 36,000 containers/hour. During the sidewall and closure inspection the containers are rotated by 360° which, with a high voltage bottom inspection, ensures that the entire perimeter of the container is scrutinised.

In addition to these detection properties, the HVLD SOLO uses vacuum technology in handling within the machine which eliminates the need for side guides in the inspection module. The containers thus pass through the inspection without friction. Perfectly matched components on the infeed minimise the pressure on the containers and reduce friction. Together, these features eliminate the risk of glass breakage and resulting downtimes, the company says.

The machine offers a high degree of flexibility for all production requirements. When retrofitting to a different container format, all format-specific parts can be changed quickly without tools. To avoid mix-ups, all parts are uniquely marked and numbered.

The HVLD SOLO will make its first US appearance at Interphex 2015 in New York from 21–22 April.

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