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When it comes to pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the integrity of the products is of utmost importance. At SCHOTT Pharma, we offer advanced drug containment and delivery solutions that are designed to maintain the highest level of product integrity. Our range of products, including syringes, cartridges, vials, and ampoules, are all made with the highest quality materials, such as Type I Borosilicate Glass and high-grade pharmaceutical polymer, to ensure safe and effective delivery of medicines.

At SCHOTT Pharma, we are dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement, which means that we are constantly striving to develop new and better solutions to meet the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our products provide a superior level of protection against contamination and degradation, giving companies the confidence they need to bring life-saving medicines to patients around the world.

Explore SCHOTT Pharma for advanced drug containment and delivery solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


SCHOTT Pharma Prefillable Syringes (PFS) - The Safe and Reliable Solution for Drug Storage and Injection

When it comes to storing and delivering drugs, SCHOTT Pharma prefillable syringes (PFS) are the optimal choice. Whether made from advanced polymers or glass, these syringes offer highly stable, long-term storage and safe and convenient drug delivery for both patients and healthcare professionals. With SCHOTT Pharma's PFS, you can rest assured that your drugs are being stored and delivered with the utmost reliability and precision.


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SCHOTT Pharma Cartridges - The Safe and Accurate Choice for Drug Delivery

Whether it's administering drugs in emergency situations or for self-administration by diabetes patients, SCHOTT Pharma cartridges are the optimal choice for accurate and reliable drug dosing. Our cartridges are robust, reliable, and compatible with a wide range of devices, making them the perfect solution for healthcare professionals and patients alike. With our cartridges, you can trust that your drugs are being delivered with exceptional accuracy and safety. If needed, our cartridges are also available as RTU. Choose SCHOTT Pharma for a safe and easy-to-use drug delivery system that meets the needs of all patients.


Schott Pharma AG and Co. KGaA

High-Quality Vials for Safe Storage of Liquid Drug Formulations

SCHOTT Pharma offers a range of vials made from Type I Borosilicate Glass that provide high chemical resistance for the safe storage of liquid drug formulations. With their accurate dimensions and superior cosmetic quality, these vials ensure an efficient fill-and-finish process and secure container closure integrity. Available in a variety of sizes, these high-quality vials offer a reliable storage solution for liquid drug formulations of all types and even as RTU. Choose SCHOTT Pharma's vials for a safe and secure storage option that meets the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.


Schott Pharma AG and Co. KGaA

Secure Drug Storage with SCHOTT Pharma's Range of Ampoules

For safe and stable storage of your drugs, look no further than SCHOTT Pharma's range of ampoules. Our ampoules are manufactured using Type I Borosilicate Glass, which provides high chemical resistance and accurate dimensions. With a focus on tight cosmetic control and drug stability from production to procedure, SCHOTT Pharma's range of ampoules provide a reliable storage solution for a wide variety of drugs. Whether you're a healthcare professional looking to store and deliver drugs with confidence, or a patient seeking safe and reliable drug storage options, SCHOTT Pharma's range of ampoules has you covered. Choose SCHOTT Pharma for a secure and trusted storage solution for your drugs.



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Containment and Drug Delivery

SCHOTT Pharma specializes in customized drug containment and delivery services, offering packaging solutions that perfectly match your requirements. Our comprehensive services cover design, prototyping, and GMP-compliant documentation for primary and related packaging components. Rely on SCHOTT Pharma's expertise to safeguard your pharmaceutical products with precision and innovation.


Schott Pharma AG and Co. KGaA

Precise Analytics Services for Drug Containment Solutions by SCHOTT Pharma

SCHOTT Pharma provides precise analytics services to validate the suitability of containment solutions for your specific drug products. Our experts thoroughly analyze material compliance, functionality, and drug-container interaction to ensure optimal container selection. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of containment solutions and pharma-specific requirements, we deliver data-driven insights that match your unique needs. Trust SCHOTT Pharma for accurate analytics that enhance the performance of your drug containment solutions.


Schott Pharma AG and Co. KGaA

Fill-and-Finish Solutions for Enhanced Production by SCHOTT Pharma

SCHOTT Pharma offers streamlined fill-and-finish solutions designed to optimize container processing and enhance production efficiency. Our services cater to small-sample filling and closing requirements in the early stages of production. We conduct comprehensive analytics to ensure perfect compatibility between packaging, containers, and line equipment. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we help commercial manufacturers maximize output and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Partner with SCHOTT Pharma for efficient fill-and-finish services that drive productivity and quality.


Schott Pharma AG and Co. KGaA

Regulatory Services for Containment Systems by SCHOTT Pharma

SCHOTT Pharma offers streamlined regulatory services to support drug product and medical device owners in efficiently gathering the required information for registering their containment systems. We ensure the global availability of information, ensuring compliance with evolving international regulations, standards, as well as country-specific laws and guidelines. Rely on SCHOTT Pharma's expertise to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring seamless compliance and facilitating market access for your containment systems.


Schott Pharma AG and Co. KGaA

Eco-friendly Sustainability Services for Pharmaceutical Companies by SCHOTT Pharma

SCHOTT Pharma provides eco-friendly sustainability services aimed at minimizing emissions and promoting responsible resource utilization. Our team of experts collaborates closely with pharmaceutical companies to develop tailored strategies that effectively reduce carbon footprints and mitigate environmental impact. Trust SCHOTT Pharma to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that prioritize both the planet and the success of the pharmaceutical industry.


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