Increase productivity with laboratory automation from HiTec Zang

Published: 6-Jan-2022

The LabBox compact automation system by HiTec Zang provides an entryway into the digital laboratory, increasing quality and reducing costs

Offering precise and seamless documentation of any process sequence, the LabBox was designed for preparative and analytical workstations in laboratories or pilot plants.

It can be used to centralise the control and data acquisition of laboratory equipment such as circulators, stirrer drives, scales, pumps, pH electrodes, pressure/temperature measurement tools and switching valves.

The LabBox’s key areas of application include chemical experiments, process development, biotechnology, food and environmental technology. It can also be used for quality assurance as well as training.

Using the central console, operators can freely design a display and user interface. For repetitive processes, use the preconfigured routines and define the necessary sequences, e.g. by drag and drop.

Compact design, comfortable integration, lower power consumption and heat generation, and high safety standards make the HiTec Zang LabBox valuable for laboratories and pilot plants.

Thanks to the many protocols and interfaces of different platforms, laboratory processes can be automated as required. This way, a powerful automation system can be created from individual elements.

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