Indena’s two-pillared strategy at CPhI 2022

Published: 31-Oct-2022

November 1-3 at Frankfurt, Indena awaits customers and partners


From the 1-3 November, at Messe Frankfurt (Booth 121B20), Indena  welcomes clients, partners, experts and the media to share its vision, all its news and innovations in CDMO and its CSR activities: two pillars of Indena’s strategy to face the challenges of the future.

At CPhI 2022 Indena will also present some of its leading products, among which is CBD, the pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) produced by the company for the global market. 

“We join CPhI, one of the most important pharmaceutical events in the world, as protagonists of a market  which continues to be robust despite the most recent issues due to the challenging economic and political  situation. And we’re happy to have the opportunity, during CPhI 2022, to deep dive with our stakeholders into our CDMO experience, which has very solid and proven roots that are the point of departure to develop  solutions for the clients who approach us. And this has been in Indena's DNA for the last 100 years” said Francesca de Rensis, Marketing Director at Indena SpA -. 

“At the same time we’ll present our actions in favour of sustainability, which are not only an example of responsibility towards our planet and our future, but also an asset for competitive advantage and business continuity. Sustainability has become mainstream,” continued de Rensis. 

Custom development and manufacturing activities are truly part of Indena’s core expertise; it could be said  that they are part of the company's soul. In its CDMO services, Indena works for its partners with a spirit of  service and also with the confidence that it is offering them a solution: after getting and understanding  clients’ needs, Indena comes up with creative solutions that allow the project to progress from phase one to  the commercial phase.  

In each CDMO project Indena’s people endeavour to utilise their scientific curiosity and to create value for  the partner, whether start-up Biotechs or big pharmaceutical industries; for the patient, who is the final  beneficiary of the molecules the company develops with its partners; and in the end also for Indena itself,  which continues to learn and develop new and more innovative solutions.  

Governments, NGOs, companies, people: everyone is directly involved and must play their part. This is a responsibility that Indena does not shirk, but is a concrete and wide-ranging commitment,  starting from our smart management of energy

“Paraphrasing the CDMO acronym, we would say that Indena’s approach to custom services is made up of  Curiosity for science development of knowledge, mastering complexity and obsession for quality,” said Pietro Allegrini, Indena’s R&D Director This is our formula for our clients’ success, and this has led Indena to become, for example, one of the most important producers of HPAPI worldwide”. 

In terms of actual projects and actions, Indena’s commitment to sustainability includes responsible supply  chain management, a circular economy in product design and a very smart use of energy in its plants. These  topics will be focused on during CPhI through an ad-hoc presentation, given by Francesca de Rensis, Marketing Director, and Carlo Aloni, Group Industrialization & Technology Transfer Director of Indena. 

As regards energy use, which is linked to climate change - one of the most urgent global sustainability  challenges - Indena has been working for years in reducing consumption, making energy use more and  more efficient and achieving high levels of energy self-production. These actions are part of a commitment already wide in 2022 and which will continue to grow in 2023 in all Indena production sites - Settala, Tours,  Palestro - and in its headquarters in Milan. 

All the actions taken in favour of sustainability also enable Indena to be fully reliable in terms of business  continuity, and to therefore be a solid partner for all its clients. 

Many leading products will be presented by Indena during CPhI 2022. Among them, the pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD), an API that the company now routinely produces for the global market, for clinical  and commercial use, thanks to the decision by the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Medicines Agency  (AIFA) which authorised Indena to produce pharmaceutical Cannabis derivatives. 

The raw material (hemp flowers) is grown on a large scale and processed in Italy. The supply chain, which complies with the strict criteria set out in the Italian regulations, is controlled, certified and fully traced by the company. Indena's traditional rigour in managing the production chain was a key factor in obtaining the aforementioned authorisation.

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