Introducing LUBRITAB RBW (Rice Bran Wax)

Published: 14-Nov-2022

The clean label lubricant for tablet and capsule formulations

LUBRITAB RBW (Rice Bran Wax) is the innovative all-natural lubricant designed to meet growing clean label demands. Developed from rice, this plant-based ingredient is vegan, gluten-free, and offers a sustainable solution for tablet and capsule formulation.

LUBRITAB RBW Regulatory status currently only for use in USA Nutra products.

Benefits of Using LUBRITAB RBW Rice Bran Wax

LUBRITAB RBW has multiple advantages for nutraceutical formulations:

  • The only clean label lubricant
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Comparable use level to Standard lubricants
  • Robust tablets Low Risk of overblending
  • Minimal impact of tablet disintegration
  • Inert for improved API stability

Packaging Available in 25 kg drums or 5 kg pails

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