Klercide Pressurised Spray System ensures cleanroom disinfection efficacy

Published: 12-Sep-2016

New disinfection system saves contamination control process time and money by reducing the amount of fluid used without compromising efficacy

Microbial contamination control company Ecolab Life Sciences has launched the Klercide Pressurised Spray System for use in cleanrooms to help ensure efficacy.

The fully autoclavable, stainless steel system incorporates a platinum cured silicone with double internal steel braided hose and is suitable for all grades of cleanroom. It uses a quick-fit lance and a range of versatile nozzle options to deliver a controlled fine layer of disinfectant or detergent fluid onto all surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas, equipment and structures, without excess run-off.

The new system saves both contamination control process time and money by significantly reducing the amount of fluid used while ensuring there is no compromise to efficacy.

In tests to assess the relative efficiencies of the total process time, including dry or wet wiping using a flat mop head, the Klercide Pressurised Spray System followed by dry wiping showed a process efficiency saving of up to 56% compared with the classic triple bucket system technique, says Ecolab.

For the biocide application phase only, the process time saving compared with a triple bucket system increased to 70%.

Furthermore, because of the need to dispose of the fluid in the rinse bucket and active disinfectant solution after use of a standard bucket system, regardless of the amount actually applied to the surface, the Klercide Pressurised Spray System can significantly reduce the quantity of disinfection solution required and the amount of waste produced.

A series of controlled tests carried out by Ecolab Life Sciences demonstrated that the total fluid consumption using the Klercide Pressurised Spray System was less than half when compared with using a triple bucket.

‘Testing clearly demonstrates that the Klercide Pressurised Spray System offers significant efficiencies over traditional large surface disinfection techniques, while ensuring excellent results by creating an even surface coverage of fluid, even in hard-to-reach areas,' says. James Tucker, Commercial Director at Life Sciences, Ecolab. 'This is particularly true for older cleanrooms that were not designed for optimal disinfection processes and often have difficult and time consuming surfaces to manage.’

The Klercide Pressurised Spray System operates either by being connected to a compressed air supply or independently, and a stable wheeled ‘dolly’ makes it easy to manoeuvre on wheels, which are of cleanroom standard. It is simple to dismantle and fits comfortably in an autoclave trolley.

‘Customers are under increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources so this new system has been designed to provide a cost-efficient cleaning regime, which delivers contamination control without compromise, Tucker adds.

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