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Ecolab hand and surface disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19

The company offers guidance and protocols to ensure effective product application and disinfection processes

Big names announced for leading Pharma and Cleanroom conference

The Cleanroom Technology Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live collaboration will take place on the 10-11 November. Delegate tickets are curren...

DuPont partners with Sun Chemical on water treatment solutions

DuPont has added degasification to water treatment solutions to its range through exclusive partnership with Sun Chemical and its parent company DI...

Components of an effective disinfectant prequalification strategy

Microbial control in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is essential to ensure the production of safe, high-quality medicines; cleaning proced...

Teknomek launches passive aggressive turnstile

It will only grant access once the unit has automatically dispensed one dose of liquid soap or sanitising gel to each hand

Bioquell, part of Ecolab, is helping pharmaceutical companies to resume operations post COVID-19

Bioquell Rapid Bio Decontamination Service (RBDS) enables businesses to quickly regain control of clean spaces and ramp up capacity

The importance of safety vacuum cleaners

Health and safety (H&S) is paramount for the construction industry. It is important to keep work environments largely dust-free and your workforce...

Cleanroom Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live 2020 to go virtual

The virtual event taking place on 10-11 November 2020 will provide delegates with full access to the Manufacturing Chemist Live, Cleanroom UK, Indi...

Teknomek launches antimicrobial door handle covers to reduce transference

Sanitising door handles that release viricidal gel have unsurprisingly been in great demand over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic

Manufacturer moves production from sealants to disinfectant

A customer of Busch Vacuum Solutions in Canada has moved to using its R5 vacuum pumps in the mixing process for degassing and preventing oxidation...

Recombinant Factor C assay to aid demand for LAL endotoxin testing

Kevin Williams from bioMerieux discusses the recombinant Factor C assay that has been developed to help alleviate the pressures of a growing demand...

Cleanroom Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live events set to go ahead

The co-located events will go ahead in October with new safety measures in place, after being postponed from their original date at the start of su...

Research shows SARS-CoV-2 has not mutated

Analysis work from the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research has provided evidence that SARS-CoV-2 has not mutated as earlier suggested

Taking a right-first-time approach to equipment cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of the process during the manufacture of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and it’s important to ensure that...

Bioquell rapid biodecontamination service is effective against coronavirus

The technology has been evaluated by the UK Government’s Biosafety Group at the Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Water for injection: Regulatory requirements and process design

The road to revising the European monograph on the quality of water for pharmaceutical use has been a long journey. Santiago Fernandez, General Man...

In Brief

BioPharma Dynamics unveils cleanroom facility to support Life Sciences Industry

Ultrasonic flow meter ideal for ultra-pure water applications

Ecolab to provide hand sanitisation stations at Cleanroom Technology and Manufacturing Chemist LIVE events

Webinar: water for injection production using reverse osmosis-based system

Danish manufacturer Blue Line releases line of cleanroom tablets

Next-generation centrifugation bioprocess container enables closed-system handling of critical sterile liquids

PDA Sterile Medicinal Products Manufacturing Conference

Versapak products prevent infection

Pipette tips demonstrate high bacterial filtration efficiency

Webinars with NSF in March

The benefits of UHD resolution in cleanrooms

Bürkert hygienic flowmeter achieves ATEX Zone 2 approval

Particulate contamination is a concern for critical product contact surfaces

Cleaning validation training with RSSL

Fully automatic multi-medium testing facility for fluidic components

Lubrizol acquires German medical device manufacturer BMT

Ecolab: New Klercide balances effective disinfection with user acceptability

A–Z of Sterile Products Manufacture with NSF

Strong line-up: Chemspec Europe 2019 gathers an array of industry experts

Pharmaceutical supplier opts for innovative hygienic flowmeter

Teknomek’s new tall cupboards elevate hygiene levels

European Technical Seminar

Teknomek expands cleaning products portfolio

Simmatic introduces dust filter range

Ammonia filtration key to efficient antibiotics production

CPhI China