Life science sample tracking and management

Published: 10-Jun-2022

Ziath has published a new catalogue that provides an informative technical introduction to its extensive range of innovative readers, scanners, software, automated tube selectors and accessories to track and manage life science samples

During the last two decades, Ziath has established itself as a global leader in terms of tracking 2D barcoded tubes in applications including biobanking, compound management and COVID-19 patient sample management.

The company’s continued investment in R&D has revolutionised the way that 2D barcoded tubes can be used and integrated into existing life science workflows. Ziath was the first company to

  • produce a camera-based scanner
  • get the read time for 96 tubes down to less than a second
  • reliably read AcoustiX tubes
  • use artificial intelligence to discern empty wells
  • offer full network control of scanners from any connected PC, tablet or phone on the same network.

The catalogue introduces Lux, the first truly portable camera-based rack reader that can be used in the lab as well as in front of your freezers or store. Lux boasts an average 8-hour battery life in everyday use, will recharge fully overnight and yet be small and light enough to carry comfortably.

Drawing on experienced staff in Europe, North America and Asia who understand the applications and challenges faced by users, Ziath is able to provide unparalleled technical support to ensure that customers spend more time on their research and less time worrying about the location of their samples.

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