Manufacturing Chemist in conversation with Cytiva

Published: 26-Oct-2022

In this exclusive video interview, Manufacturing Chemist talks to Katarina Stenklo, Enterprise Solutions Commercial Activation leader at Cytiva. The expert discusses flexible capacity expansion, the company's FlexFactory product and how to keep up with wider industry changes

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Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development, manufacture, and delivery of therapeutics. Its customers undertake activities ranging from biological research to developing innovative vaccines, biologic drugs, and novel cell and gene therapies. 

In this interview, Katarina Stenklo, Enterprise Solutions Commercial Activation leader at Cytiva discusses her company's product FlexFactory and how there has been over 100 installations. She also explains how this technology will impact the future and what the next five years looks like.

Stenklo: "We have seen the speed of how quickly vaccines were developed, so expect faster to-market times and the concept of having more standardised modules." 

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This interview was led by Tom McGhie from Manufacturing Chemist.

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