Merck & Co licenses NanoBio technology for use in vaccine development

Published: 27-Mar-2014

NanoStat uses an oil-in-water nanoemulsion that can incorporate, deliver and act as an adjuvant for multiple antigen types

NanoBio Corporation, a Michigan, US-based developer of vaccines and antibiotics, has signed a licensing agreement with a subsidiary of Merck & Co, for the use of its nanoemulsion (NE) adjuvant technology.

Under the agreement, Merck will receive exclusive rights to NanoBio's NE adjuvant for use in an intranasal respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine and non-exclusive rights for use in an intranasal seasonal influenza and/or universal seasonal flu vaccine.

NanoBio will receive an unspecified upfront payment and is eligible to receive milestone payments based on Merck RSV and flu vaccine candidates' development and regulatory approvals, as well as royalties on sales of any Merck RSV or flu vaccines that ultimately use the NanoBio NE adjuvant technology.

NanoBio's NanoStat technology uses a novel oil-in-water nanoemulsion that can incorporate, deliver and act as an adjuvant for multiple antigen types. The NE adjuvant is effective when administered via intranasal, intramuscular or subcutaneous vaccination. In recent studies, NanoBio has demonstrated that intranasal vaccination elicits robust systemic and mucosal immunity, thereby offering enhanced protection against respiratory infections and sexually transmitted diseases compared with intramuscular vaccination.

'We've collaborated with Merck on research in RSV since 2011 and are very pleased to broaden our relationship with this license agreement covering vaccine candidates for two respiratory diseases,' said David Peralta, Chief Executive of NanoBio.

RSV is a highly contagious viral disease and is one of the most common causes of bronchiolitis and pneumonia. It is the leading cause of childhood hospitalisation around the world. Nearly all children are infected with the virus at least once by the age of 2–3 years. The disease is particularly dangerous for premature babies, children with other health conditions and the elderly.

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