Metrion Biosciences and Peakdale Molecular sign integrated drug discovery partnership

Published: 17-Nov-2016

Peakdale Molecular, a UK-based provider of drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and part of the Concept Life Sciences Group, has signed a collaboration agreement with Metrion Biosciences, a specialist ion channel contract research organisation, to offer complete integrated drug discovery programmes to both new and existing customers for ion channel targets

The Metrion team has an extensive background in ion channel drug discovery, combining expertise of high quality low and medium throughput gigaseal patch clamp assays with highly expert data interpretation.

Currently building upon its portfolio of stem cell and native tissue translational assays, Metrion has played a significant role in more than 15 composition of matter patents and the delivery of five ion channel drug candidates.

This complements the extensive chemistry and DMPK experience of the Peakdale team, who have accrued more than 250 work years researching ion channel projects.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Marc Rogers, CSO of Metrion, said: “We are very excited to be working in partnership with Peakdale. Their specific ion channel expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug safety complements the strengths of Metrion, allowing this partnership to offer complete drug discovery programmes to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.”

Dr Paul Doyle, COO of Peakdale, commented: “Our new partnership with Metrion is an exciting step for Peakdale and we are very much looking forward to working with them. The partnership combines the world class capabilities of both companies in ion channel discovery and will enable us to provide a unique offering, which is already gaining traction in the market.”

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