MidaSol Therapeutics signs research collaboration with major US pharmaceutical company

Published: 25-Sep-2013

Midatech and MonoSol Rx joint venture to develop new treatment for diabetes

MidaSol Therapeutics, the strategic joint venture formed between Midatech, a UK-based leader in the design, synthesis and manufacture of biocompatible gold nanoparticles (GNP), and MonoSol Rx, a specialist in film drug delivery technology, have commenced a one-year research collaboration with a major US pharmaceutical company. Under the terms of the agreement, the pharmaceutical company will evaluate MidaSol’s GNP and PharmaFilm technologies for potential applications with certain molecules in its portfolio.

MidaSol was formed in January 2012 to focus on the commercialisation, via partnering or licensing, of products primarily for the treatment of diabetes. MidaSol continues to develop its diabetes portfolio including glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1)-linked GNPs for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and its leading product candidate, MidaForm insulin PharmFilm, which uses insulin-linked GNPs (MidaForm insulin) formulated into PharmFilm, for the delivery of insulin through the inside of a patient's cheek.

Phase IIa clinical studies with Midaform insulin PharmFilm, in diabetic patients, are expected to report their results in the second half of 2014. Insulin, stabilised on a GNP and delivered transbuccally in this way, has the potential to offer diabetic patients a viable oral alternative to injectable insulin.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jim Philips, CEO of Midatech, based in Abingdon, said: 'The agreement that we have signed is further evidence of the growing interest in our gold nanoparticle technology that can be tailored to deliver precisely a range of therapeutic compounds for the treatment of diabetes. We look forward to working with our new partner to develop these products and to offer diabetes patients around the world a more effective alternative to injectable insulin.'

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