N4 Pharma and SRI to target and treat previously unreachable human cells

Published: 26-Apr-2024

The companies will collaborate to perform research to conjugate SRI’s MGS system to Nuvec to increase intracellular delivery to specific target cells.

N4 Pharma, the specialist pharmaceutical company developing Nuvec, has entered into a research collaboration agreement with SRI to combine Nuvec with SRI’s proprietary FOX Three Molecular Guidance System (MGS) with the aim of co-marketing the combined technology.

SRI's MGS technology is designed to overcome cellular barriers that prevent intracellular delivery of large molecule biotherapeutics.

The system uses proprietary technology that enables the delivery of macromolecular payloads to the target cell and then on to subcellular locations within those cells.

SRI has demonstrated that the MGS technology can deliver more than a dozen types of payloads - from functional enzymes, antibodies, and nucleic acids (including siRNA, ASOs and DNA) to liposomes and nanoparticles - to targeted, intracellular molecular-target locations previously considered unreachable, and therefore, untreatable. 
N4 Pharma’s silica nanoparticle Nuvec has an irregular surface structure that simply and effectively traps and protects the siRNA, RNA and DNA to help delivery to the cell membrane.

Once inside the cell, the siRNA/RNA/DNA is released to enter the cellular machinery, resulting in the desired pathway response - protein silencing, protein transcription,or other immuno-response. 
Together, the combined technology holds the potential to pave the way for targeted, effective treatments and to help realise the full potential of precision healthcare. 

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