New cannabinoid pharma and nutraceuticals

Published: 6-Mar-2017

Cannabis Therapeutics to develop and launch cannabis-based drugs and nutraceuticals using its Cannabinoid-Cannabidiol (CBD) patent

Earth Science Tech, a biotech company focusing on cannabis-industrial hemp, cannabinoid research and development, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, has announced that its new wholly owned subsidiary, Cannabis Therapeutics, will be releasing new cannabinoid-based drugs and nutraceuticals.

Cannabis Therapeutics will begin by inventing and launching two new cannabinoid-based Pharmaceutical drugs and three new advanced cannabinoid-based Nutraceutical products using Earth Science Tech’s existing Cannabis CBD Patent, IP, Invention, Technology and future Technology.

CEO of Cannabis Therapeutics, Michel Aube, said:

“Our imminent new developments and efforts have the potential to expedite our numerous upcoming cannabis cannabinoid-based therapeutic products to help aid people with certain conditions and disorders worldwide.”

Cannabis Therapeutics looks to discover and bring to market innovative solutions through its R and D, joint ventures and strategic partnerships by setting the highest quality standard in the cannabis-industrial hemp industry.

The Cannabis Therapeutics boards intend to broaden current operations to include a variety of other products, solutions, laboratories and expertise, natural molecules, generic drugs, new compounds and new synthetic molecules, extraction and refinement of biomaterials, technologies and IP.

Specific applications

Cannabis Therapeutics will target, among other things: chronic pain, PTSD, breast and brain cancers, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, fatty liver diseases, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, ADHD and drug addictions.

ETST will be announcing its new joint venture partner that will give Cannabis Therapeutics access to state laboratory facilities to develop the cannabinoid-based products.

ETST’s CBD-Nutraceutical products are designed to alleviate common symptoms and prevent illnesses. The products can improve the overall wellbeing of an individual, regarding: brain function, diabetes, inflammation, and immune cell functions.

ETST has been choosing natural molecules that compliment or support CBD, as well as developing formulations that blend CBD with whole plant extracts and pure natural molecules that are natural antioxidants and/or flavonoids.

Together, these ingredients work with CBD to improve detoxification of the brain and the liver, while improving immune function and diabetes.

Aubé said:

It has been shown that CBD can improve the efficiency of existing breast cancer chemotherapy.

“CBD modulates Id-1 gene expression, which is a partial explanation of the mechanism by which CBD acts on breast cancer.

“We will take advantage of this interaction between to develop a drug against triple negative breast cancer.”

“There is currently no appropriate treatment for this disease. Many clinical trials with TNBC patients are comparing the effectiveness of various older and newer chemotherapy medications, used in different combinations.

“It will be very interesting to test the potential of CBD to improve old medicines.”

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