New valve automates control of sterile liquids

Published: 1-Jul-2011

The valve eliminates the inefficiencies and poor control of manually-operated pinch valves

The Baumann 85000 sanitary pinch valve has been introduced by Emerson Process Management for low flow rate, low pressure control of sterile liquids within both the biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries.

Providing fully automatic operation, the 85000 eliminates the inefficiencies and poor control given by the manually-operated pinch valves typically used in these high value applications.

Compact and lightweight in design, the Baumann 85000 features three major components: a tube shell body that accommodates 19mm (¾”) pharmaceutical grade tubing; a linear spring-and-diaphragm actuator that responds accurately to controller input; and a Fisher Fieldvue digital valve controller that yields a high level of operating performance as it maintains valve reliability.

The pinch valve with the Fieldvue controller provides an installed equal percentage flow characteristic for control accuracy. The digital controller also enables valve diagnostics that monitor the operating health of the valve assembly, providing immediate feedback to a plant host system should maintenance be required.

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