2022 Pharma Training Courses from NSF


Start your year right and keep your goals on track with NSF’s training and education. NSF's pharma training and education programs focus on changing behaviours at both an individual and organisation-wide level

2022 Pharma Training Courses from NSF

All courses are interactive, with exercises, group discussions, breakout sessions and instructor-led interaction, resulting in engaging learning experiences.

Upcoming Courses

Pharmaceutical Formulation and Processing (Part 1) - QP Module
February 7-11

The Role & Professional Duties of the Qualified Person - QP Module
February 21-24

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
March 3

Pharmaceutical Formulation and Processing (Part 2) - QP Module
March 7-11 | In-person training

Certified Investigator Training
March 14-17

Our complete 2022 course list is online! View all courses >>

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