AMRI and Codexis agree Smartsourcing partnership


They will combine expertise in chemistry with cutting-edge biocatalysis technology

AMRI has entered into a non-exclusive, two-year Smartsourcing partnership with Codexis.

The companies say the collaboration will provide opportunities to combine their capabilities and technologies for specific customer projects, yielding increased value to customers in the form of potentially lower costs, greater yields, cleaner processes and/or faster turnaround times.

Under the agreement, the companies will identify and implement new and improved manufacturing routes for selected Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). They will combine Codexis’ evolution technology that enables rapid enzyme discovery and optimisation with AMRI’s process development and manufacturing capabilities, using AMRI’s proprietary microbial strains.

AMRI’s Chairman, President and CEO, Thomas D’Ambra, said: ‘Combining AMRI’s expertise in chemistry, biocatalysis, quality assurance and manufacturing with Codexis’ cutting-edge biocatalysis technology and services, creates a proprietary advantage to our customer’s development projects. This is another example of the AMRI Smartsourcing strategy of creating partnerships to deliver better outcomes to our customers.’

Peter Seufer-Wasserthal, SVP Pharmaceuticals, Codexis, added: ‘Codexis selected AMRI for this collaboration because AMRI understands the opportunity to use biocatalysis for effective and comprehensive route assessment and manufacturing.

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‘By working together, AMRI and Codexis should identify more opportunities, which will benefit both companies and their customers by developing innovative, cost-effective and practical chemical processes.’

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