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Addressing the skills gap in the pharmaceutical sector

Ken Molloy, Technical Success Manager at SolutionsPT, takes an industry wide issue — the skills gap — and zeroes in on how this impacts the pharmac...

Olon and Milan Uni create photochemistry process scholarship for APIs

Olon and the University of Milan's Department of Chemistry announce the creation of a Scholarship for a PhD in the development of new photochemistr...

Cherwell launches EM and aseptic processes educational video hub

Delivering Knowledge training video library designed to educate individuals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Maintaining cleanrooms in a validated state

Well-controlled cleanrooms are essential to the successful production of many products in the life science industry, particularly those manufacture...

Bio-Rad launches online resource for western blotting education

Electrophoresis and western blotting are standard research methods used to characterise proteins

Almac Sciences VP celebrates 100 peer-reviewed publications

In recent years, Professor Moody’s publications have centred on the economic and environmental benefits of ‘green’ chemical methods

Adapting to implementing remote hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies

Across the globe, with many of their staff working from home, businesses are having to adjust to the new normal. Unlike previous generations, many...

Vetter Pharma invests $4.1m in Ravensburg training facility

The centre opened on September 14, with a small celebration held for management, training management and trainees.

Arran and AIT collaborate on green chemical production methods

The collaboration will facilitate on a four-year PhD scholarship to deliver greener and more economic alternatives to chemical production methods

Addressing the regulatory skills gap

In a role that is so critical to the quality and compliance of pharmaceutical products across the globe, what can companies do to close the growing...

Tech industry strength could lead to London and the South East dominating STEM jobs growth

In an analysis of projected jobs growth by occupation between 2016 and 2024, nine of the ten fastest growing occupations in Great Britain are forec...

Updating the Book

Modern methods for modern times

How scientists can help with effective science communication

Science communication refers to the process of effectively relaying the facts and findings from scientific studies to other scientists, non-experts...

The changing face of regulatory professionals

As industry regulations and business dynamics are constantly changing, the role of regulatory professionals in the pharmaceutical sector has needed...