ATCC adds new customer-driven format to its quality control standards portfolio


Makes it easier for industrial and pharmaceutical labs to test for product safety

ATCC, a US-based global biological materials resource and standards organisation, has released ATCC Minis to support quality control (QC) testing in pharmaceutical and industrial labs.

Healthcare, personal care product, and cosmetic manufacturers are required to test the bio-burden and sterility of their products and production environments to ensure consumer safety. Global alignment and harmonisation of microbial testing requirements among the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP), and European Pharmacopeia (EP), have resulted in the need for consistent and reliable control organisms at less than five passages from the ATCC reference stock for reproducible results.

'With the availability of ATCC Minis, we now provide our high-quality strains in a ready-to-use mini-cryovial format to meet customers’ requirements,' said Mindy Goldsborough, Vice President of ATCC.

'We have created single-use glycerol stocks, so our customers can validate their QC work quickly and efficiently without the risk of cross-contamination during banking techniques.'

Only ATCC Genuine Cultures are authenticated and supported by ATCC polyphasic testing to ensure both microbial identity and phenotypic characteristics. To meet the needs of QC biologists, ATCC developed ATCC Minis – with the same high-quality ATCC Genuine Cultures – provided as a six-pack of ready-to-use QC strains preserved in glass-free 'mini' cryovials containing glycerol stock.

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Each tube has a 2D barcode to allow for easy storage and tracking, and offers a peel-off label for fast and reliable record keeping.