ATMI and Finesse sign bioprocess reactor agreement

Published: 4-Apr-2011

ATMI PadReactor system and Finesse controller technology to be offered as a turnkey system

ATMI has signed a global distribution agreement with Finesse Solutions, a San Jose, CA-based manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for bioprocess applications.

Under the agreement ATMI gains the right to sell Finesse T700 control systems with its single-use Integrity PadReactor system. The combined turnkey system will provide the single-use market with a ready-to-use bioreactor platform.

The alliance combines the mixing and gas transfer performance of the PadReactor system with the TruFluor sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen and TruTorr sensors for pressure. In addition, the integrated system couples ATMI’s Integrity PadReactor system with Finesse’s TruViu G3 hardware and TruBio 4.0 software, which control process parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, agitation, gas/liquid flow, and auxiliary analog inputs/loops.

Under the terms of the agreement, ATMI will offer integrated bioreactors for the production of recombinant proteins or vaccines.

Additionally, ATMI will provide all post point-of-sale customer support for PadReactor hardware and disposables while Finesse will support the controller, sensors, and software.

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