A finely balanced new product range from Labtex

Published: 30-May-2022

Labtex has added the highly respected range of laboratory balances from Swiss manufacturer OHAUS to its portfolio

OHAUS has been producing safe, precise and reliable scales, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment since Gustav and Karl Ohaus founded the company in 1907. The range includes analytical, precision and portable balances.

Analytical balances: Explorer analytical balance weighing cells are precision-machined from a solid metal block, together with AutoCal, providing exceptional accuracy and durability that’s suitable for laboratory and industrial environments. Features such as four-level user management with password protection, a non-editable system log and a high level of configurability make Explorer balances well suited for regulated applications.

Precision balances: Explorer precision high-capacity balances from OHAUS are equipped with a weighing cell that’s precision-machined from a solid metal block. Explorer balances are extremely accurate, durable and are ideal for laboratory and industrial environments.

2D shock protection and an IP54 base enclosure protect the balance from damage, while the AutoCal automatic internal calibration system ensures excellent performance. A detachable terminal with a large colour touchscreen and programmable IR sensors makes Explorer high-capacity balances easy and convenient to use.

Portable balances: Scout high-performance portable balances with intuitive touchscreens are designed for high accuracy and productivity. A large, intuitive colour touchscreen display allows for easy operation — guiding the user through every step of the weighing application.

Advanced weighing technology allows for one-second stabilisation for increased productivity. An integrated overload protection system (rated at ten times the capacity) protects the balance in demanding environments.

OHAUS products are all designed with two things in mind: ease of use and pinpoint accuracy. These "ingeniously practical" devices are designed for immediate and repeated use with minimal training. All OHAUS products are rigorously tested to meet national and international safety, quality and accuracy standards.

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