A to ZED of automated walleting for clinical trial supply

Almac buys two inline wallet presses to place blister strips into wallet cards

Global clinical services provider Almac has invested in two ZED automated inline wallet presses for its operations in Craigavon, Ireland and Pennsylvania, US to improve the efficiency of its primary packaging services.

The firm says the fully automated machines will save time when used for blister card packaging, compared with current rotary press methods.

The automation on the ZED presses allows for accurate placement of blister strips into the wallet cards. The location and orientation of the blisters is then verified by a vision system prior to sealing the card. This helps to keep rejects to a minimum and maximises yield on product.

Almac’s global vp of business development Martin Lamb said the machines demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and driving improvements across the clinical supply chain.

‘These lines are ideal for larger Phase III trials that can require higher volumes of wallet cards. Also product pooling and using supplies across multiple protocols can drive card quantities past the traditional smaller volumes required for clinical supply. This allows us to provide the client with the right option for their study.’

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