Abcam moves to new global headquarters in the UK

Published: 4-Mar-2019

Life science reagent and tool producer has moved to a plot on the Cambridge medical campus, increasing space by 75%

Abcam, the UK life science reagents and tools producer, has found a new home at Discovery Drive, on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

The hub of healthcare, science and medical research is located in the south of Cambridge and combines world-class biomedical research, patient care and education on a single site. The campus is now undergoing a major expansion that includes the co-location of companies alongside the existing 17,500-strong community of healthcare professionals and research scientists.

Commenting on the move, Alan Hirzel, CEO of Abcam, said: “Abcam has been working for 20 years providing biological reagents and tools to help our customers accelerate research, and develop diagnostics and therapeutics that could revolutionise healthcare outcomes. Moving to Discovery Drive is integral to our mission to best serve the global life science community.”

With sites across the US, Europe and Asia in life science research hubs, Abcam will make Discovery Drive their global headquarters, combining three existing UK sites. Bringing all employees together, including R&D, laboratory, logistics, corporate and commercial functions, will facilitate open collaboration between teams to improve efficiency and innovation.

To support growth, the new building provides 75% more space, features fully flexible laboratory configurations, and has new instrumentation and technology for enhanced scientific capabilities. It has also been designed to support agile working and provide introvert and extrovert workspaces.

In addition, the building has been developed to meet global sustainability standards, helping to protect the natural environment and enhance employee wellbeing.

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