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Digi-Sense line of precision measurement instruments introduced by Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer introduces a comprehensive and cost-effective new line of test and measurement products to fill the technician’s tool belt.

The Digi-Sense brand offers new technologies that deliver accurate readings while withstanding rigorous use. From environmental testing meters to performance monitoring equipment, many of the items are pre-calibrated to save time, cost and effort. With products individually calibrated before shipment, the measurements provide an unrivalled level of confidence.

The Digi-Sense brand currently includes 25 models of thermometers, infrared devices, humidity meters, anemometers, light meters, and manometers. Additional products that fill other measurement needs will soon be available. Digi-Sense also features a comprehensive line of temperature probes with customisation available for unique applications.

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The new suite of products is designed to meet the ongoing needs of technicians. View the Digi-Sense products at