Alfa Aesar launches exclusive Nanoparticle Design Services


Will allow customers an opportunity to create disruptive technologies through the development of new performance products

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, has launched Nanoparticle Design Services in collaboration with Cerion, the world's leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance metal, metal oxide and mixed metal nanoparticles.

Nanoparticle Design Services is a ground-breaking programme that allows Alfa Aesar customers an opportunity to engage with Cerion's expert R&D team. The process begins with a consultation to outline the technical specifications and custom requirements. Development will then commence in the lab or at pilot scale, with commercialisation potential to full manufacturing volumes.

'Alfa Aesar has been distributing several of our nanoparticle products for over a year and they have been tremendous partners and are obviously leaders in their industry. Nanoparticle Design Services is a natural evolution in our relationship,' said Cerion CEO Landon Mertz. 'Alfa's sales team is on the front lines and now they will have customised solutions to offer their customers. The fact that Cerion can quickly and cost-effectively commercialise and manufacture these custom materials after initial development should prove to be a very attractive selling proposition to industry.'

A variety of industries are discovering opportunities for next generation products with new, value added properties in applications such as functional coatings, catalysts, additives and printed electronics, based on nanoparticle technology.

The Nanoparticle Design Services will allow customers an opportunity to create disruptive technologies through the development of new performance products. Cerion and Alfa Aesar will work directly with customers to understand their technical specifications and develop custom, high performance nanoparticles to meet R&D needs.

'Cerion has unique materials and specialist nanoparticle manufacturing capabilities; this collaboration provides a great opportunity for our customers looking for custom nanoparticle designs for next generation products,' Craig Sergeant, Product Management Supervisor, Alfa Aesar added. 'The combination of Alfa Aesar's research chemical expertise and Cerion's manufacturing experience will ensure that the exclusive Nanoparticle Design Services enables our customers to obtain the most effective nanoparticles that will drive product performance improvements.'

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