Almac welcomes confirmation that Northern Ireland will remain aligned with the EU post-Brexit

Published: 4-Jun-2020

Move offers Almac clients unique, unfettered and flexible access to both the UK and European markets

Almac Group has welcomed confirmation from the EU’s medicines regulator, the EMA, that, post-Brexit, Northern Ireland will remain in regulatory alignment with the EU, acknowledging that EU laws, in respect of medicinal products, shall continue to apply in Northern Ireland.

The UK government has now also confirmed that this will be the case.

As a result, manufacturing and associated QP (Qualified Person) certification, for both clinical supplies and commercial product performed at Almac’s global HQ site in Craigavon, will continue to be recognised both by the UK and European regulatory agencies and allow products processed at its facilities seamless regulatory movement into both the EU and UK.

Owing to the geographical location of its global headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, Almac Group is now in a uniquely advantageous position to offer its global client base unique, unfettered and flexible access to both the UK and European markets.

This move provides customers the clarity, confidence and reassurance they have been seeking regarding continuity of supply to their patients throughout the transition period and beyond.

Alan Armstrong, CEO, Almac Group, commented: “This latest confirmation, coming from both the EU and the UK, is a welcome step and ensures our current and future clients can continue to receive an unfettered solution with exclusive access to both the EU and UK marketplace."

"Crucially, our unique location in Northern Ireland ensures we can provide uninterrupted service provision now, and into the future, maintaining our position as a global leader in the life sciences sector."

This news comes 3 years after the Group established a bespoke facility in Dundalk, Ireland, which enabled Almac to guarantee immediate and seamless access to the EU, regardless of the final shape of Brexit.

This proactive move provided welcome reassurance to its global clients at a time of uncertainty throughout the Brexit negotiations. This new confirmation around the NI protocol will offer clients even further reassurance around another of Almac’s facilities.

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