An ion source that dramatically increases the sensitivity of GC-MS/MS

Shimadzu has released a new ion source for its premier GCMS-TQ8050 NX triple quad system

Principle of BEIS

The BEIS (Boosted Efficiency Ion Source) maximises ionisation efficiency by optimising the focal point of the electron beam in EI ionisation. As a result, the rate at which electrons collide with the molecule is significantly increased, even with the same number of electrons being produced at the filament.

The ionisation rate increases accordingly, improving the sensitivity. This new ion source design delivers a fourfold increase in sensitivity, compared with a standard source, allowing the reliable analysis of low concentrations that have been, until now, unreachable by quadrupole GCMS systems. The GCMS-TQ8050 NX with BEIS now boasts an IDL of 0.14 fg!

Until now, for example, the analysis of dioxins has been done using expensive GC-HRMS (double-focusing GC-MS). However, with the increase in GC-MS/MS capabilities, the EU has issued regulations (EU589/2014 and 644/2017) that grant analysis methods using GC-MS/MS the same compliance status methods using GC-HRMS.

The BEIS therefore provides an optimal solution for those looking to move from GC-HRMS to GC-MS/MS for the high-sensitivity analysis of ultra-low concentration dioxins.

Sensitivity comparison against a previous ion source:

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