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Colorcon invests in pharma manufacturing system provider offers an end-to-end platform with a suite of software designed to streamline batch-based manufacturing and remote collaboration

Lonza launches bYlok bispecific antibody technology

The technology can be accessed by pharma and biotech companies through a research license

Enpicom secures series B funding for SaaS platform

The company’s platform is a cloud solution designed to improve immunogenomics research by guiding the discovery and development of biotherapeutics

Three digital strategies to modernise quality control lab operations

With the proliferation of quality control (QC) digital projects to improve lab efficiency, more QC leaders are adopting standalone applications tha...

AstraZeneca and BenevolentAI expand drug discovery collaboration

The expansion builds on a partnership initiated in 2019 and adds systemic lupus erythematosus and heart failure to ongoing work

ACG launches IIoT service for pharma manufacturing

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) describes connected devices within a manufacturing environment which enable data collection, exchange and...

Future focus: the three tech trends helping medical device organisations go digital in 2022

It’s been a turbulent year and one that many of us are very pleased to see the back of. But, among the uncertainty and constant change, it gave ris...

Manufacturing vaccines, digital twins and lessons learned: part I

Using a digital replica of the manufacturing process, the pharmaceutical industry is exploring the ability of virtual technology to improve the eff...

The human digital twin: a virtual counterpart to the human worker

Several organisations are familiar with making use of digital twin modelling to improve operations. This digitised model typically enables firms to...

Digital retrofitting in pharma

Why flexibility is the future of pharmaceuticals

Top tips for the pharmaceutical industry in 2022

The global pharmaceutical sector remains in a state of flux; many trends will come to the fore in 2022 but there are several key focus areas that s...

Real world evidence: helping to end COVID-19 disruption

Truly bringing the COVID-19 pandemic under control will take concerted efforts beyond the rollout of a global mass vaccination programme. Understan...

Addressing wastage and distribution challenges for a more equitable post-pandemic pharmaceutical industry

When functioning properly, globalised supply chains broaden access to critical medicines for billions of individuals all over the world. Yet, any n...

Multidimensional data analysis platforms: meeting new FDA calls for consistent evidence from CGT developers

Recent news that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will ask cell and gene therapy (CGT) developers to provide more consistent evidence with...

The "beyond the pill" movement: where are we now?

The shifting healthcare landscape has seen beyond the pill transform from optional extra to essential opportunity. So, what prompted this change? W...

Manufacturing vaccines, digital twins and lessons learned: part II

Using a digital replica of the manufacturing process, the pharmaceutical industry is exploring the ability of virtual technology to improve the eff...

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Colorcon invests in AI drug development

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Five reasons why it is necessary to digitise supplier compliance information in pharma

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Lab Innovations 2018

Danish manufacturer Blue Line releases line of cleanroom tablets

The Digital Twin: Next-generation process simulation

Edge computing for the life sciences sector

Data Integrity – not just a pharma issue workshop

Optimising pharmaceutical plant production in the digital world

Automation keeps the pharmaceutical production running during the COVID-19 pandemic

DiGiTools from GEA: digitally enabled process optimisation

Serialisation workshops to tackle compliance pressure

Optimise and extend the life cycle of high-tech equipment

Encoders: why they’re used and how to make your selection

Panel PCs for wall installation in cleanrooms – What you need to know

Adopting Continuous Manufacturing: Defining the Platform for Success

Nanoform makes US TV debut in Advancements with Ted Danson

Vivlion signs license agreement with ERS Genomics

UHD resolution in cleanrooms – When it is beneficial to have an exceptionally high-resolution display?

EMIF: E-managing the Future of Health Data