Automatic cell counting in 30 seconds


Enhance workflow productivity with the Olympus cell counter model R1

Olympus has unveiled the cell counter model R1 that offers user-friendly and cost-effective cell counting for routine cell culturing in a portable design.

Accurate cell counts are important for a variety of research applications, including regenerative and drug medicine. Rather than relying on a human operator to manually count cells using a counting chamber, the cell counter model R1 standardises the process with fully automated cell counting and detailed reporting.

The R1 uses innovative liquid lens autofocus technology, which mimics the way the human eye focuses. It features software with a unique algorithm for accurate automated cell counts in as little as 15 seconds.

The model R1 is designed to be user-friendly and includes a 7-inch touchscreen display with an intuitive interface. The software is easily optimised and features cell size and roundness-based sorting capabilities, the ability to identify live and dead cells, clumped cell declustering and an automatic dilution calculator.

Users have the ability to easily adjust the minimum and maximum cell size so that only the desired cells are detected. Counts can then be displayed as a histogram to analyse certain size cells based on size distribution.

The R1 can store up to 1000 counts and 300 different cell protocols for quick set-up and counting for routine culturing procedures. Result reporting is straightforward and available at-a-glance without the need to write down detailed settings.

Counts are saved as CSV files that can be exported using a portable USB drive. Alternatively, for more comprehensive reporting, count results and images can be saved together and exported as either a TIFF or PDF file.

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The Olympus cell counter model R1 is a cost-effective solution that saves time and simplifies the cell counting process. It utilises disposable slides with two chambers so that each slide can be used to make two separate cell counts. Operators simply place a droplet of cell sample into a chamber on a special slide and place it in the cell counter. With dimensions of 195 x 237 x 272mm and weighing only 2.1kg, it fits in any workspace.