BMS renews distribution contract with Yusen Logistics

Published: 16-Aug-2011

For the pan-European distribution of OTC and prescription drugs

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has renewed its pan-European distribution contract with Yusen Logistics for its over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

The two companies have been working together since 2007 when Yusen was appointed to create a lean supply chain for BMS.

BMS co-loads product from multiple plants, as well as with other pharmaceutical firms using Yusen’s European pharmaceutical distribution network, which is known as its ‘superhighway’.

The Yusen operation involves temperature-controlled distribution of more than 120,000 pallets of product per annum from BMS' six manufacturing plants in France, Italy and Ireland. It also collects from third party manufacturers elsewhere in Europe and delivers to more than 80 points in 35 countries throughout Europe.

Eric Plouffe, EMEA associate director, Transportation, Compliance & Logistics Planning at BMS, said: ‘The superhighway provides a temperature-controlled, quality-approved secure solution which meets the ever-increasing regulatory requirements demanded by European Health Agencies. Extending our partnership will enable us to continue to derive benefits within our supply chain while also enjoying additional cost savings.’

All Yusen vehicles used for the service are temperature controlled and have GPS tracking. Additional controls are in place for narcotics to ensure safe delivery.

Looking to the future, Yusen and BMS will continue to work together to create further efficiencies through Yusen's high security network.

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