Bio-Rad introduces StarBright Violet 515 dye for flow cytometry

Published: 14-Sep-2020

The product is the first in a range of fluorescent nanoparticles the company is launching

Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced the launch of StarBright Violet 515 (SBV515) dye. StarBright Dyes are conjugated to a growing range of antibodies and are compatible with most flow cytometers and experimental protocols.

The StarBright Violet 515 dye with an excitation maximum at 401 nm and emission maximum of 516 nm offers researchers brightness to resolve rare and low antigen density populations. It has a narrow emission profile to reduce spillover into neighboring filters and minimal excitation by other lasers, making it suitable for inclusion in multicolor panels.

The dye is not susceptible to photobleaching and is stable at 4°C with no loss of signal to help ensure consistent staining and deliver reliable results. It has been tested in common staining buffers and there's no requirement to use a special staining buffer, permitting integration into common experimental protocols without compromising performance.

StarBright Violet 515 dye is compatible with the company’s ZE5 Cell Analyzer, S3e Cell Sorter, as well as other cytometers, and it is suitable for both conventional and spectral flow.

“StarBright Violet 515 Dye is brighter than other common dyes that emit at similar wavelengths,” said Mike Blundell, Bio-Rad Product Manager, life science group. “The dye is flexible enough to fit into any flow cytometry panel, allowing researchers to multiplex with ease regardless of flow cytometer and experimental protocol, and it offers a superior alternative for fluorophores that have emission maxima between 500 and 550 nanometers.”

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