BioAlliance receives €2m for Lauriad research project


French firm will capitalise on its mucosal expertise

BioAlliance Pharma has been granted €2m in funding over 30 months from the Fond Unique Interministériel towards a collaborative research project that aims to establish proof of concept for the administration of biological products by the mucosal route.

The French pharmaceutical firm, which focuses on developing drugs for the treatment of infections in cancer, has specifically been allocated €743,000 and will lead a consortium that includes academic and industrial partners.

The first application will be a peptide using the delivery properties of BioAlliance Pharma’s Lauriad mucoadhesive technology. The project will also test Lauriad in the veterinary area.

The collaborative programme aims to design a flu vaccine administered by the mucosal route.

‘This programme is capitalising on the Lauriad patented mucoadhesive technology, already validated with chemical molecules for Loramyc and Sitavir. This substantial public grant will open the path to new application fields with complex biological products and new potential markets,’ said Dominique Costantini, ceo of BioAlliance Pharma.