BioFocus launches four biologically targeted compound libraries


The libraries target kinases and protein-to-protein interactions

BioFocus, a provider of gene-to-clinical candidate drug discovery services and a division of Galapagos, has launched four biologically targeted libraries.

These libraries contain novel, drug-like compounds that specifically target kinases and protein-protein interactions.

The three new SoftFocus kinase libraries (SFK61, SFK62 and SFK63) target the hinge region, allosteric sites or novel binding modes. The SFK collection is said to have the greatest population of kinase-like molecules available for screening.

BioFocus’ second Helix Mimetic library (HM02) is based on a novel structure that interacts with protein helices. This library inhibits protein-protein interactions, but can also target other helical recognition motifs such as the pore region of ion channels.