Biopharmaceutical Optimisation

Enhancing process knowledge using Advanced Process Control

In case you missed it, Perceptive Engineering and Biogen have co-delivered a biopharma webinar which described the approach the companies are taking with biopharmaceutical companies in monitoring, control and optimisation using a QbDD (Quality by Digital Design) framework. If you'd like to find out more, please download the datasheet or view the webinar here

Our BioAPC software solution, underpinned by PharmaMV®, is designed to help streamline the biopharma development process, then transition models into manufacturing with minimal overheads. So whether you are seeking to optimise the experimental design process, create a multivariate monitoring system, or tackle end-to-end optimisation, we can bring our experience and solutions through BioAPC® to your biopharmaceutical process.

Download the data sheet here

There are many ways to engage with the Perceptive team to realise the benefits to your process:

  • Join group workshops where we introduce concepts through cases studies
  • Participate in collaborative projects linked with global industrial innovation centres
  • Engage directly in commercial product development or manufacturing consultative projects