Bormioli Pharma joins ‘green’ glass project


Glass Futures was founded with the aim of developing sustainable processes and technologies for glass production

Bormioli Pharma joins ‘green’ glass project

Bormioli Pharma, a producer of glass and plastic containers for pharmaceutical use, has become a member of Glass Futures, a not-for-profit company researching the production of more sustainable glass.

The company signed a 10-year membership, which will see the entities jointly involved in industrial research into low-emission methods and technologies for glass production.

Glass Futures was founded with the aim of developing sustainable approaches to glass production. Through collaboration with universities, companies and research bodies, the organisation will bridge the gap in academic research and commercial implementation by trialling projects on a pilot furnace. This pilot facility, The Global Centre of Excellence for Innovation, R&D and Training will be located in St. Helens, United Kingdom.

Davide Faverzani, Head of Engineering of Bormioli Pharma, said: "For over 15 years Bormioli Pharma has been committed to finding concrete solutions to make plastic packaging more sustainable. With this project, we confirm our commitment for glass, a material that is infinitely recyclable, but still requires an important contribution in terms of reducing emissions. The agreement will give us privileged access to innovative technologies for glass production, strengthening our position and reducing our impact on the environment."

Aston Fuller, General Manager at Glass Futures said: “It’s fantastic to see the leading Italian brand in the world of pharmaceutical packaging join Glass Futures to collaborate on innovative solutions to help accelerate the glass sector towards a more sustainable, zero carbon future.

“Together we can demonstrate what can be achieved when the industry, academia, partners, and funders all work together. We look forward to expanding collaboration across the industry and encourage other like-minded organisations to join Glass Futures.”

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The company has also set itself two other important medium-term objectives. In 2022, it will publish for the first time an Integrated Report based on ESG parameters, and by 2025 it has committed to achieving 50% of its production from materials with a low environmental impact.

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