CPhI: Avantor to feature new high purity low endotoxin sugars and ready-to-use packaging options


Advance Biopharmaceuticals stand display and scientific presentation will demonstrate commitment to customer collaboration and life sciences expertise

Avantor Performance Materials will unveil multiple new products and life sciences capabilities at the CPhI Worldwide 2015 exhibition, 13–15 October in Madrid, Spain.

At its Advance Biopharmaceuticals exhibit, located on Stand 7B40, Avantor representatives will share information about the company’s new line of J.T.Baker High Purity Low Endotoxin (HPLE) sugars, which increase cell culture yield and enhance patient safety, as well as an innovative packaging platform designed to streamline biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Using proprietary purification technology, J.T.Baker HPLE sugars achieve endotoxin levels that are below regulatory requirements and contain industry leading low impurity levels, reducing the potential for adverse chemical reactions.

The company is also introducing a new J.T.Baker Direct Dispense packaging platform that delivers pre-weighed salt buffers and cell culture ingredients to help customers streamline biopharmaceutical production. Available for a wide variety of J.T.Baker dry powder products in quantities ranging from 250g to 15kg, the Direct Dispense packaging platform delivers the exact amount of free-flowing powders and is compatible with near-IR identification testing, reducing the need for sampling, material handling and the risk of cross-contamination.

At its CPhI exhibit, Avantor also will share information on a range of other product offerings, including J.T.Baker BAKERBOND process chromatography media and cGMP-manufactured process salts, sugars and excipients.

Visitors to the stand will learn how Avantor’s chemistries, proven quality systems and supply chain security methods can help manufacturers scale up faster and reduce time to market, from discovery to full-scale production.

Avantor representatives will also be accessible to discuss how the company collaborates with customers on manufacturing processes that advance biopharmaceutical production and improve patient safety and welfare.

As part of the CPhI Exhibitor Showcase programme, Avantor experts Nandu Deorkar, Vice President of R&D, and William Hesselink, Application Project Manager R&D for Pharmaceuticals, will deliver a presentation on Improving the Robustness of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes by Controlling Raw Material Variability.

During the presentation, Deorkar and Hesselink will address emerging regulatory requirements in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. They will illustrate critical quality attributes of various raw materials and excipients, along with approaches to control variability and thereby improve biopharmaceutical manufacturing outcomes.

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The presentation will take place Tuesday 13 October, at 2:30pm at the CPhI Exhibitor Showcase location: Stand 12F40.