CPhI Worldwide to launch market ranking index

Published: 16-May-2017

Research used to produce a global ranking of countries’ pharma reputation, market growth potential, innovation and competitiveness

CPhI Worldwide is conducting an extensive survey of international pharmaceutical companies and executives to rank the most prominent pharma countries.

This first of a kind survey has been sent to more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals globally and will evaluate the relative international reputations of all of the major pharmaceutical economies.

The anonymous survey will provide a strong indication of the major trends, changes and developments throughout the industry, alongside the international reputation of each major pharmaceutical economy.

This will create a country-specific pharmaceutical league table across areas such as API production, finished dosage formulations, individual market competitiveness, innovation, access to research and regulatory acumen.

The survey results will produce a global ranking of the strength of the world’s leading pharma economies, providing foresight into the markets with the greatest business prospects.

CPhI is encouraging all of the global industry to contribute and the results will be available later in the year on the CPhI Pharma Insights webpage. For respondents that wish to receive a copy of the findings, there is also an option to leave an email address.

The survey is available here.

CPhI brings together more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals each year to network, identify business opportunities and expand the global market. CPhI hosts events in Europe, North America, Korea, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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