CRL adds Laboratorio Hidalgo to network


Provides support for clients performing clinical trials in the US

Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL), a privately held US provider of central laboratory services for clinical trials, has integrated its Argentina-based partner Laboratorio Hidalgo into its worldwide network of laboratories.

The agreement follows a long-standing laboratory partnership between the two companies and provides enhanced clinical trial support for CRL clients performing trials across North and South America.

CRL says it also puts the firm in the position of having immediate oversight and analysis of all clinical trial samples collected in South America through one system.

The integration of Laboratorio Hidalgo’s testing platforms into CRL’s proprietary LIMSystem will provide an expanded and full global project capability while building on Hidalgo’s experience in South America.

CRL’s worldwide laboratory network provides clients with the global oversight that is necessary to supervise their trials.

Clinical trial data from samples drawn anywhere in the world will be accessible in real time, enabling drug safety evaluation and global tracking of samples at any point in the process.

Elisa Hidalgo, owner and clinical trials director of Laboratorio Hidalgo, said: ‘Our philosophy at Laboratorio Hidalgo is to offer integrated solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and this formalised partnership with CRL reinforces this message and shows a major commitment to our ongoing relationship.’

This agreement comes a month after CRL announced its first worldwide laboratory integration with Phoenix Pharma Central Services in Singapore.

Tim Sotos, chief executive of CRL, said: ‘I’m delighted to have two partners, in Singapore and Argentina, already integrated into our worldwide network of laboratories. Integration of well-established local laboratories in major trial continents covering the Americas, Asia, and Europe will provide CRL with a competitive edge.

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‘We are hoping to integrate a number of other worldwide partners in the future.’