Chiesi opens House of Research in Parma


Drug discovery is key strategy for Italian firm

The Italian pharmaceutical firm Chiesi Group has opened a House of Research in Parma to promote scientific collaborations and innovation.

The 22,000m2 centre has been conceived as a modern pharmaceutical workshop with production facilities for new drugs for clinical trials and space for exploring further scientific collaborations. It will house 350 researchers and provide designated areas for Chiesis partners and other scientists.

According to Paolo Chiesi, vice president and r&d director, the new centre ‘represents our firm conviction to continue to invest in our core business of drug discovery, placing research at the centre of our business model to support the future development of the Group’.

The firm says its ‘uncompromising commitment to innovation and scientific collaboration’ has helped it achieve double-digit growth in 2010 with a 16.4% increase in revenue and sales exceeding €1bn. It invested €150m in 2010 to boost its r&d activities.

Chiesi’s pipeline primarily includes projects to advance asthma and COPD treatments.

The firm is also developing therapies for use in intensive care for premature newborns and cardiovascular disease as well as cystic fibrosis, regenerative medicine and Alzheimer’s disease.

Chiesi has offices in 24 external affiliates, including the US, Russia, Pakistan, China, Latin America, North Africa and most countries in Europe. More than 70% of the company’s annual turnover is generated from sales outside Italy, and the firm is expecting continued growth through 2011.

‘With our product portfolio we believe we can carry on growing within an extremely challenging market,’ said chief executive Alberto Chiesi.

‘As an independent company, Chiesi has the freedom to continue long-term investments into research and development in niche specialist areas and respond quickly to emerging business opportunities.’