Cleaver Scientific wins Lions\' Lair competition at Lab Innovations


Safe series eliminates the need for ethidium bromide and UV light

Cleaver Scientific, a UK manufacturer of electrophoresis equipment and other laboratory tools for DNA sampling, scooped the top accolade for its ‘Safe’ Series at Lab Innovations.

Designed to make DNA electrophoresis procedures safer, more convenient and more economical, the Rugby-based firm\'s ‘Safe’ series eliminates the need for ethidium bromide and ultra violet light, without compromising the results of electrophoresis procedures.

The ‘Safe’ Series comprises runSafe, a completely safe stain for DNA and runView, a gel electrophoresis system that utilises safe blue light, and finally runDoc, a benchtop gel documentation system which sits above the gel tank and enables multiple real-time images of the process to be taken.

Commenting on the win, Cleaver Scientific\'s Sales and Marketing Manager Alan Phillips, said: \'Winning Lions\' Lair is a great boost for safe electrophoresis and an endorsement for product development at Cleaver Scientific; we\'re thrilled.\'

The company saw off competition from ETI, Vacuubrand, CTS Europe and Ash Scientific, which all pitched their newest technologies to an expert panel of \'lions\', in front of a live audience at the show.

The lions (judges) included Warren Jackson, Analytical Services Manager at Premier Foods and Jeremy Hargreaves, Incoming Materials and Lab Manager at Nestle.

Jackson said Cleaver Scientific\'s product scored well because \'it focuses on lab safety and it is also a cost-effective product to use\'. Hargreaves also had praise for the Lions\' Lair concept.

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\'It is really important to encourage the ongoing improvement of lab products and to foster innovation,\' he said.