Cobra Biologics teams up with QuiaPEG to offer PEGylation services

Published: 20-Jun-2014

QuiaPEG platform offers a higher quality of activated PEG, superior API homogeneity and cuts production costs

Contract manufacturing organisation Cobra Biologics has linked up with Swedish biotech QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals to add PEGylation services to its portfolio.

The collaboration between the two Swedish companies will give customers access to QuiaPEG's technology platform for early drug development, for life-cycle management, and for the improvement of existing drugs, so-called biobetters.

Peter Coleman, CEO Cobra Biologics, said the company has seen a significant increase in enquiries for PEGylation services and looks forward to working with QuiaPEG to meet the needs of customers.

Cobra offers a range of contract manufacturing services from cell line development and platform process development, to cGMP cell banking, analytical development and cGMP manufacture for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial scale supply.

With dozens of PEGylated drugs already on the market, PEGylation has shown to be a reliable method for improving the pharmacokinetic profile of drugs. QuiaPEG aims to offer the market a range of different application possibilities and high quality, while lowering the costs for PEGylated products.

QuiaPEG says its platform offers a higher quality of activated PEG than other technologies, superior API homogeneity, reduction of production costs due to shorter separation times of PEGylated products, lower loss of valuable protein and, potentially, reduced risk of immunological reactions due to reduced product heterogeneity. This technology has a spectrum of potential applications, the company says.

Marcus Bosson, CEO and Co-Founder of QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals, said: 'QuiaPEG's proprietary technology platform solves most of the problems associated with current PEGylation technologies. The chemistry has been developed to enable simple introduction of functional groups. We have a faster process, with a higher exchange, thus lowering the cost of goods while limiting unwanted contaminants. We are really looking forward to working with a successful international contract manufacturer such as Cobra Biologics.'

PEGylation is the modification of a protein, peptide or non-peptide molecule by linking polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains to extend a drug's effect by reducing both degradation and the rate of excretion by the kidneys and the formation of antibodies against the protein.

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