Colorcon delivers savings, speed and flexibility for pharmaceutical film coating with Opadry QX

Published: 22-Apr-2016

Latest innovation enables rapid build-up for international manufacturing

With the launch of Opadry QX, Colorcon is excited to announce an innovative breakthrough for pharmaceutical tablet coating.

Quick and flexible, this revolutionary advance greatly reduces production and preparation times, ensuring coating process efficiency and cost savings in all types of equipment, from traditional pans to continuous coating equipment.

The system can be applied to a broad range of process conditions and always results in a premium quality finish for tablets, even those containing temperature-sensitive active ingredients.

Jason Teckoe, Senior Manager, Product Development, explains: ‘Colorcon did extensive studies that clearly demonstrate the process adaptability of Opadry QX. The results confirm that Opadry QX provides operators with broader latitude to manage critical settings for optimal film coating such as tablet bed temperatures, spray or air flow rates.’

Kelly Boyer, General Manager, Film Coatings at Colorcon, notes: ‘The commercial impact of the process and equipment flexibility offered by Opadry QX means that multinational pharmaceutical companies can easily transition the manufacture of drug products across continents, overcoming challenges often met with equipment differences. Capital investment may also be deferred through more efficient equipment utilisation as productivity demand increases.’

This latest innovation clearly demonstrates Colorcon’s leadership in bringing to market film coating systems with enhanced functionality along with improved convenience, manufacturing efficiency, cost savings and dependable performance for the pharmaceutical industry.

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