Copley vacuum pump supports high flow rate DPI testing

SCP5 generates flow rates up to 100L/min

SCP5 generates flow rates up to 100L/min

Copley Scientific, a manufacturer and supplier of inhaler test equipment, has launched the SCP5 Super Capacity Pump to meet requirements for high flow rate dry powder inhaler (DPI) testing.

The oil lubricated SCP5 generates flow rates up to 100L/min under the stable, sonic flow conditions necessary for aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) measurement, when used with all the pharmacopoeial specified cascade impactors.

The SCP5 incorporates a flow control valve and regulated inlets that also enable testing of other types of orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs), for maximum flexibility.

Cascade impaction is used to measure the APSD of all OINDPs and successful analysis relies on the application of a stable controlled air flow at an appropriate rate for the product, which for low resistance DPIs can be as high as 100L/min. Of the pharmacopoeia specified impactors routinely used, the NGI has the highest flow resistance and therefore presents the greatest challenge in terms of ensuring the sonic flow regime that underpins flow stability.

With a 420mm by 600mm footprint and weighing 70kg the SCP5 provides an alternative to the common practice of linking up two high capacity pumps to generate sonic flow conditions through the NGI at high flow rates. Two complete sets of vacuum inlets (one regulated and one unregulated on either side of the pump) allow optimal positioning of the pump relative to other test equipment on the laboratory bench.

The vacuum is drawn by a 1.5kW oil lubricated rotary vane pump that incorporates sound and vibration insulation. Quick release hatches allow for easy internal access for routine maintenance.

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