Copley Scientific introduces apparatus for vaginal tablet disintegration testing

Published: 8-Sep-2015

First commercial system specified explicitly for vaginal tablets

The new Vaginal Tablet Tester VTT 1 from Copley Scientific is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient solution for routine vaginal tablet disintegration testing in accordance with Chapter 2.9.2 of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur). Offering a simple set-up specifically for vaginal tablets, the new tester reduces equipment investment costs relative to those associated with generic suppository testing, while at the same time enabling simple, reproducible analysis.

The new tester is the first commercial system specified explicitly for vaginal tablets and enables the disintegration testing recommended by the regulators for all vaginal tablets to assess in vitro breakdown.

Consisting of a glass water bath, a disintegration basket and a disintegration basket holder, the new tester incorporates a glass disc to cover the apparatus so as to maintain an appropriately humid environment during testing. Also included is a thermostatically controlled hotplate and external temperature probe to maintain test conditions at the 36–37°C specified by the Ph. Eur. This hotplate includes a stirrer which, though not required for vaginal tablet testing, makes it a more generally useful addition to the laboratory.

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