Cytovance adds 1,000L bioreactor to mammalian facility


Will complement existing manufacturing process trains in Oklahoma City

Cytovance Biologics has added a 1,000L bioreactor to its current mammalian facility with appropriate downstream processing facilities.

The US biopharmaceutical firm, which is based at the Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park in Oklahoma City, currently specialises in the clinical production of antibody and recombinant protein products derived from cell culture at scales up to 500L (w/v) from batch, fed-batch and perfusion processes and microbial production up to the 100L scale.

The addition of the 1,000L bioreactor complements the firm’s 100L and 500L bioreactors, 100L wave system, 20L and 200L Sartorius subs and a 100L microbial manufacturing train.

Cytovance continues to provide analytical method development and process development for Phase I, II, and III clinical trial materials. In addition, it provides the regulatory robustness to support validation and commercial market launch for therapeutic proteins, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.