Dante Labs highlights advancements to its drug discovery programme


Company announces rebranding to Dante Genomics to reflect its broader global efforts

Dante Genomics, a global leader in genomics and precision medicine, highlights significant progress made in its drug discovery development programme with six drug candidates currently in the company’s pipeline, applying Dante’s internal siRNA and mRNA technology to rare and common diseases.

Since the company’s foundation, Dante has invested in a robust R&D programme with the goal to create end-to-end solutions from diagnosis to therapy. Dante’s programme began with a focus on rare disease, in response to a diagnosis of a patient with a rare disease for which there were no treatment therapies.

Dante’s pipeline has evolved across multiple disease areas with four drug programmes in full internal development and two in codevelopment to achieve validation and partner externally on clinical trials and commercialisation.

“Personalised medicine needs personalised data, and our progress in the last 18 months alone demonstrates the value of genomic data to research and discovery drug development,” said Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Genomics.

“When we founded Dante Genomics, we felt we had a responsibility to deliver personalised medicine beyond diagnosis so that no patient would be facing a diagnosis with no effective treatments. It is this holistic approach that challenges and motivates us as a company to accelerate science to save more lives.”

Dante has advanced its internal drug programmes in muscle rare disease and neurological rare disease into the preclinical phase. The newest addition to Dante’s discovery programme pipeline is an mRNA oncology therapeutic in the molecular discovery phase meant to strengthen the immune system against certain cancer types.

In codevelopment with US biotechnology company Protelica, Dante has therapies in respiratory disease and ovarian cancer, both in the non-regulatory preclinical phase.

Dante’s mRNA COVID vaccine programme development began in early 2021 and has recently completed the regulatory preclinical phase and is ready for its first in-human.

“My academic background has taught me the value of RNA therapeutics, and Dante’s internal R&D leverages mRNA and siRNA technology to accelerate time to patients from concept to clinic,” said Mattia Capulli, Chief Scientific Officer of Dante Genomics. “The data and advanced timeline of our mRNA vaccine programme demonstrates Dante’s high quality RNA platform and the reproducibility of this model applied to other clinical therapies."

The company also announced its rebrand to Dante Genomics to better reflect its global efforts in genomic information and personalised medicine.

The company name, Dante Genomics, comes from the compound of humanity and science. “Dante” refers to the Italian humanitarian poet and “Genomics” refers to the powerful science that takes place in a genomics lab.

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Since its foundation, Dante Genomics has delivered hundreds of thousands of people with affordable, quality genomic solutions to inform their healthcare decisions. The company’s holistic approach to medicine spans from sequencing and variant interpretation to discovery drug development.