Debiopharm to support Ascepion in development of cancer treatment


Debio 1144 is an orally available multikinase inhibitor for solid cancer tumours

Debiopharm Group, a Switzerland-based biopharmaceutical drug developer, is to support further development in China of Debio 1144, a small molecule in preclinical development for the treatment of solid cancer tumours, with Suzhou Ascepion Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese biotech company focused on the development of molecular targeted drugs.

Debiopharm and Ascepion had previously signed a licensing agreement for the development and commercialisation of Debio 1144, an orally available multikinase inhibitor. After generating positive preclinical results with the product, Debiopharm will now support Ascepion for further development of the product in China, where certain types of cancer are prevalent for which the treatment is designed.

‘This is an opportunity for Ascepion to develop an anti-cancer agent tailored to the Chinese market,’ said Rolland-Yves Mauvernay, President and founder of Debiopharm Group.

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Shan Jiang, President and CEO of Ascepion Pharmaceuticals, added: ‘The disease spectrum of the Chinese population suggests the product will be well suited for its market. Thus it holds a great promise for certain cancer types in Chinese patients.’