DuPont Delrin acetal enhances disposable insulin pen reliability and usability

Published: 5-Feb-2016

The material is used in two threaded components responsible for dose accuracy

A leading global pharmaceutical company is using a low friction, impact-resistant grade of DuPont's Delrin acetal homopolymer resin for two components in a new insulin pen.

This grade of Delrin, which complies with healthcare regulations, is used in two threaded components responsible for the dose accuracy of the system.

The low friction nature of the material is said to lower the friction inside the pen mechanism and therefore reduce, for example, the injection force to be applied by the patient. The impact strength of Delrin also helps protect against breakage in case the pen is dropped.

The system was developed in cooperation between the OEM, its consulting engineering firm, the moulder and DuPont’s application development experts.

The high-flow rate of Delrin allows the use of multi-cavity hot runner moulds, resulting in cost-efficient and low-scrap manufacture of small components down to 0.1g. In addition, Delrin also offers excellent dimensional stability.

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